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How to add shine to hair in Photoshop

使用ソフト: Photoshop CS5  

Have you ever wanted to retouch model’s hair more shine?
I’m going to show you a pretty simple way to create shiny hair with [Layer Mask].
Before and after

Apply [Layer Mask] to add shine to hair

First, select [Levels] at the bottom of the Layers Panel.

Select [Levels] from the menu at the bottom of the Layers Panel
Adjust to turn the screen white.
Adjust to turn the screen white with [Levels].
After adjusting, select [Mask],and [Reverse].
The layer mask will be completely black.
You are ready.

Once the layer mask goes from white to black, you're ready.
Add shine to hair using a “white” [brush (spray)] with 20%-40% opacity.
Add shine to hair using a

If you paint in the wrong place, you can use [black] to return to the original color.
If it's sticking out, don't use an eraser.
You can fix it by using black as opposed to white.

I could make shiny edit with the [Brushes] and small adjustment.
If you feel it is a little too bright after adding shine, you should adjust it by using [Layer Opacity].
A woman whose hair is shiny with Photoshop retouching.
The trick is to add shine to the areas where the light is shining. It looks natural.

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