How to Make a Sunburst Vector Easily

使用ソフト: Illustrator CC 2018  

Have you ever seen an illustration like this?
Sample Images
I’ll show you an easy way to make a radial vector like this.
Radial vector

3 steps for making radial vectors

1. Create a perfect circle with the Ellipse tool

Create a perfect circle
Draw a perfect circle with no fill and a black line (or any other color you like).
For create a precise circle, drag with holding down the shift key.
The diameter of this circle is 100mm.

2. Change the stroke weight

Change the stroke weight to 100pt in the Stroke panel.
Stroke Panel / Stroke Weight: 100ptTo make the Stroke Weight thicker.

3. Check the dashed line and change the value

Check the dashed lines in the Stroke Panel.
The appearance can be changed by adjusting the Weight, dash and gap.
Stroke Panel / Dashed LinesChange the line to a dashed line.

[With the stroke weight set to 200 pt / the length (width) from inside to outside changes.]
Stroke Panel/ Stroke weight 200ptBy adjusting the stroke weight, the length (width) from inside to outside will change.

[With the dash set to 10 pt / The stroke thickness changes.]
Stroke Panel / Dash 10ptThe stroke thickness depends on the dash value.

[With the dash at 10pt and gap at 5pt. / The spacing between each lines will change.]
Stroke Panel / Dash: 10pt, gap: 5ptThe spacing between strokes change by adjusting the gap.

Change the values to get the shape you want.
In this case, we create a shape without a hole in the center, so enter the size of the object (Enter “100mm” because this circle’s diameter is 100mm) in the Stroke weight field.
Even if the unit is different, it will be changed automatically, as shown below.
Stroke panel / Stroke weight: 100mm, dash: 10pt
Adjusted Radial Objects
The shape was made in those 3 steps!

Now change the color (lines) as you want and apply a clipping mask.
Change the color and apply a clipping mask.
Create an object for the clipping mask in front of the radial object (which you want to display).
Select it with the radial object and create a clipping mask from the command(win ctrl)+7 or the [Object] in the menu bar.
Radial object

If you want to make it look like a sunrise, add a sun object before you apply the mask.
This time I changed the angle of the radiation by setting the dash to 20pt.
Stroke Panel / dash: 20pt

To outline a path or not depends on how you want to use it.
By the way, I made the folding fan below using the same method, then outlined the path and use only the part I needed.
A folding fan

By changing the values, the shape will change as well, so try out different things.

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