How to Create Shadows with the Free Transform Tool

使用ソフト: Illustrator CC 2018(or CS)  

Create shadows that look like the light is coming from behind the text


Copy text

First, copy the text to make it a shadow.
You can easily copy it by dragging it while holding down the option (windows:alt) key.
In addition, you can move it straight down by holding down the shift key.

Copy text

Outline Text

Put a gradient on the text to be shaded, but you can’t put a gradient on the text.
So, convert the text into a shape.
Select it, and then click
Type > Create Outlines from the menu.
*This operation changes the text into a shape, and you can’t edit the text.

Applying Gradient

Clicking on the marked area applies a gradient to the outlined text.


Change the direction of gradient.

Change the direction of gradient.

Click the gradient tool and drag vertically over the gradient shape.

Gradient Panel

The gradient direction is now aligned.
You can change the gradient color in the Gradient panel.
(Don’t forget to select the object with the gradient you want to change!)

Change the direction of the shadow text

Image of the Reflect Tool

Double-click the Reflect tool and the dialog box will appear.
Select “Horizontal” and “OK”.

Shadows on the floor

I could make shadows on the floor!

Change the shadow shape using the Free Transform Tool

The Free Transform Tool allows you to change the shape like this.

Image of a transformed object
After starting to drag the corner handle, press the command key (windows:ctrl).

Image of a transformed object
After starting to drag the corner handle, press the command key and option key (windows:ctrl+alt).

Image of a transformed object
After starting to drag the corner handle, press the command key, option key, and shift key (windows:ctrl+alt+shift).

The shape of the shadow is now complete. You’re almost there.

Object overlap

Now, the shadow is overlaid on the text.
Change the overlap of the objects.
Image of a shadow superimposed over the text
(The text color has been changed to pink to make it easier to see.)
Select the shadow object > menu [Object] > [Arrange] > [Send Backward]


Final image
Finally, it’s done!
Since the version of Illustrator CC, you can select the type of transformation from the widget.
Give it a try various transformations.
Don’t forget that you have to outline the text to get the gradient.

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