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The Easy and Convenient Way to Make Ribbons in Illustrator

使用ソフト: Illustrator CC 2018  

Let me introduce an easy way to make a ribbon illustration that will be a small decoration.

Start Illustrator and prepare a new horizontal Artboard.
You can fill it with any color you want. No Stroke is OK. You can change them later as you want.

Start with a hexagon.

1. Press and hold the Rectangle Tool in the Tools panel, then make a hexagon from the Polygon Tool horizontally.
The hexagon should be made on the far left.

2.Select the three Anchor Points in in the figure (to the left of the hexagon).
You can use the “Direct Selection Tool” to select each anchor point, but it’s easier to drag there.
It's a hexagon, so there are six Anchor Points. Choose only three points on the left.

3. Move the selected area horizontally to the right.
You now have the two ends of the ribbon.
Let it extend as you like.

4.Create two rectangles (large one and small one) on the ribbon Using the Rectangle Tool.
The larger rectangle will be the fold and the smaller will be the front part of the rectangle.
With the ribbon and the two rectangles selected, center them horizontally.
It doesn't matter if you apply stroke's color or not.

5. Next, select [Effect] in the Pathfinder Panel or on the Menu Commands.> [Pathfinder] > [Divide]
Apply [Divide] from Pathfinder.

6. Ungroup without stopping Global Edit. Now it is ungrouped.
Ungroup is command(win:ctrl)+shift+G

7. Remove the unnecessary part of the top and bottom of ribbon.
The red areas are the unnecessary parts.

Here’s what it looks like if you take each part apart.
I’ve tried to color-code for each part.
Color-coded for each part.

8. Select the Anchor Points in the of the figure.
It looks like there are two Anchor Points because they are overlapped, but in fact there are four Anchor Points each.
Drag the range of with the Direct Selection tool to include the anchor point.
Select an Anchor Point in the range that borders the central part and the adjacent parts.

9. Move the selected Anchor Points up. Three parts(the center part and the adjacent parts) are transformed if you selected four Anchor Points.
Move the selected Anchor Point up. You can transform it as shown in the figure.

10. Select the Anchor Point in .
Select an Anchor Point on the boundary of the middle part and the left adjacent part.

11. Move the selected Anchor Point to the left. It will be the folded part of the ribbon.
To move the right side just like before, Menu Commands > [Object] > [Transform] > [Move] and enter a numerical value.
Moving value is whatever you want.
Enter a value in the “Horizontal” column to move it horizontally.
Please enter the values in the red boxes in the figure.
The current position will be 0, so if you move to the left, you should put “- (minus)” before value.

12.Run 10 and 11 on the right side as well.
(It moves to the right, so if the left side moves -40px, then the right side should move 40px.)

13. Now that the shape is done, you can add your favorite colors (or Stroke) and it’s done!
In the figure, the colors are darkened in the center, then both ends, then the fold, in that order.
The finished figure.
You can arrange it any way you want.
For example, make the paint a gradient.
Ribbon with a gradation of paint
Add strokes.
Ribbon with colored strokes
Transform it by [Object] > [Envelopes]
Transformed ribbon by [Envelope].
It’s good for practice, so try it out and see how it works.

For your information

In the Stroke panel, you can specify not only the width of the Stroke, but also “Cap”, “Join”, “Align Stroke”, etc.
If you change the [Join] and [Align Stroke] of the stroke of ribbon, what will it look like?
Please take a look at the image below to see results.

*Join: Miter Join/Align Stroke: Align Stroke to Center
Miter Join/Align Stroke to Center
*Join: Miter Join / Align Stroke: Align Stroke to Inside
Miter Join/Align Stroke to Inside
*Join: Miter Join/Align Stroke: Align Stroke to Outside
Miter Join/Align Stroke to Outside

*Join: Round Join/Align Stroke: Align Stroke to Center
Round Join/Align Stroke to Center
*Join: Round Join/Align Stroke: Align Stroke to Inside
Round Join/Align Stroke to Inside
*Join: Round Join/Align Stroke: Align Stroke to Outside
Round Join/Align Stroke to Outside

*Join: Bevel Join/Align Stroke: Align Stroke to Center
Bevel Join/Align Stroke to Center
*Join: Bevel Join/Align Stroke: Align Stroke to Inside
Bevel Join/Align Stroke to Inside
*Join: Bevel Join / Align Stroke: Align Stroke to Outside
Bevel Join/Align Stroke to Outside

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