Hand Drawn Effect in Illustrator

The [Roughen] effect in Illustrator changes the outlines of objects to hand-drawn looks. I recommend this when changing the appearance of the objects and text you create.


With the object selected, go to [Effect] > [Distort Transform] > [Roughen]. If you apply the effect to multiple objects at once, it’s useful to group them all together and apply the effect at once.

This specifies the depth of the roughen. The higher the number, the more distinct the roughness.
You can set the unit to your liking (Relative or Absolute).

This specifies the spacing between the roughness. The higher the value, the smaller the spacing.

You can choose whether to make the roughness round or jagged.

Just by changing the combination of the “Size” and “Detail” values, the impression of the illustration changes.

Apply [Roughen] to the text

You can use it for text as well as illustrations and shapes. Just changing the font can give a completely different impression, and create a simple and fun impression, so try to take advantage of it.



I discovered that the useful [rough] effect can also be used for Japanese taste. The left image shows a rough effect applied to all the objects, giving them a texture like Japanese paper. The right image is a Japanese pattern created by applying a random effect to square objects and registering it as a pattern.

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