How To Create Grunge Texture

使用ソフト: Illustrator CS5  

In this article, I’m going to show you how to easily create a grunge texture in Illustrator.
You can easily create a distressed texture!

First, prepare the object you want to apply grunge effect.
Create the white rectangle with the Rectangle tool, and place it on top of the object.
Place a white rectangle on top of the object.
Select the object and the rectangle and make an [Opacity Mask].
Make an [Opacity Mask]
Click the right-hand thumbnail in the [Transparency Panel].
Click the right-hand thumbnail in the Transparency Panel
Select [Pen Tool].
The nibs should be scratchy, such as charcoal.
Try looking for a suitable texture.
Draw a black line lightly with [Pen Tool], you can add a grungy texture.
Add a blur with the Charcoal texture in the [Pen Tool]
Adjust as you want, and it’s done!

In the end, finish editing the [Opacity Mask] by clicking on the left thumbnail in the [Transparency Panel].
When you added grunge effect as you like, you're done!
You can do this for text as well as illustrations, so try it out for different things.

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