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How to place an image in text with Masks in Photoshop

使用ソフト: Photoshop CC 2018(or CS)  

Easy steps using “Clipping Mask”

It’s easy to crop out a water image with text like this. Let’s give it a try!
A dry ground image with text

Place a water image on top of dry ground image in the background.
Use the Text tool to draw the text. You can use any color for the letters.
layer panel A water image with text

Move the water image layer over the text.
Select the layer of the water image and click the button of [Layer] > [Create Clipping Mask]
Layer Panel and Menu Selection layer panel

That’s it!

Let’s change the shape of the letters with Warp Text

Let’s change the shape of the letters to look like water.
Wave-shaped text WATER

Select a layer of text,
[Type] > [Warp Text] (*Photoshop CC)
Menu Selection (CC)

In Photoshop CS
[Layer] > [Type] > [Warp text]
Menu Selection (CS)

Select a waveform and change the slider as you like watching the preview.
Warp text preview
In this time, we’re going to add the fish shape and so on, so next I’ll explain the procedure for using the vector mask.

What is a Vector Mask?
Vector masks allow you to hide or show parts of a layer by paths drawn with the Pen tool or Shape tool.
Vector masks are vector data, not pixel data.
A pixel data mask with a selection is a “layer mask”.
(It’ll be confusing when you use Illustrator.)
Since it’s masked with a path, you can easily modify the shape of the mask by editing the anchor points and handles with the “Path Selection Tool”.
You can read more about the differences between Photoshop masks here.
How to Use 4 Masks in Photoshop

Outline the text and add a Vector Mask

Release the clipping mask.
Select the layer of the water image and go to [Layer] > [Release Clipping Mask]
I’ve moved the text layer upward to make it easier to see.
layer panel

The text “WATER” is not a path, so make a path.

[Type] > [Make Work Path] (Photoshop CC)
Menu selection (CC)
[Layer] > [Type] > [Make Work Path] (Photoshop CS)
Menu selection (CS)

To work with paths, use the Path Component Selection Tool not the Path Selection Tool.
Tool Selection

Press and hold the Path Component Selection Tool icon, you’ll find the Path Selection Tool.
Use it when you operate handles and anchor points.

Select the Work Path of the text “WATER”.

After selecting the water image layer, select [Layer] > [Vector Mask] > [Current Path]
Menu Selection

The vector mask is created.We don’t need a layer of text, so click on the eye icon to hide it.
layer panel

Add fish and seaweed to your mask

Create a fish or seaweed in the same way.
Click on the vector mask thumbnail next to the water image.
layer panel

You can’t draw a fish? Don’t worry, it’s available in Photoshop.
Select the Custom Shape tool from among the shapes.
Shape tool selection screen

At the top of the screen, in the options bar, you will find “Shape”.
There are various shapes.
Shape Tool Thumbnails

Click the gear icon (triangle icon in CS) on the right side in the dialog and select “All”, you can see all registered shapes.
Icons and Menu (CC)
Icons and Menu (CS)
You can also add free custom shape material.

Select “Fish” from the custom shape and draw it in the Vector Mask.
Drag with holding down the shift key, you can keep the aspect ratio intact.
Let’s change the direction of the fish at the bottom.
Selecting a shape that changes orientation

Select the fish below with the Path Component Selection Tool and select [Edit] > [Transform Path] > [Flip Horizontal]
Menu selection image

One of them is now facing the opposite direction.
Reoriented Shape


Add “Grass 3” from Custom Shape to the bottom left corner for a seaweed.
Now it’s done.

In this time, I shared how to use vector masks as a way to use both text and shapes.
If you use just text, I recommend the way using Clipping Mask.
There are many ways to do this in Photoshop, so I hope this is an example that will help you.

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